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Manuscripts submitted for publication to Geochimica Brasiliensis should not have been published previously or being considered for publication in any other scientific journal. On submitting a manuscript, authors agree that the copyright of the article is transferred to the Sociedade Brasileira de Geoquímica (SBGq) when the article is accepted for publication. The content of articles is the sole responsibility of the respective author(s).



a) Type and Size of File: For initial submission the manuscript must be submitted as a single file in pdf format with lines numbered in sequence. Tables and Figures must be in the text body in the appropriate place of insertion.The manuscript cannot contain more than 8,000 words, including, title, authors, institutions and e-mail, abstract, keywords, text, references and subtitles. Files cannot be larger than 10Mb.

b) Sending the file: Text, figures and tables must be sent through the submission system of the Geochimica Brasiliensis homepage (



a) Articles written in Portuguese and English will be accepted.


b) Manuscript Organization: The Geochimica Brasiliensis Editorial Board suggests the author(s) to present the text in the following sequence: title, complete name of the author(s), complete address and e-mail, abstract, keywords, complete text, acknowledgments and references. The text should have the following items Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions. These items must be numbered. The use of subitems should be avoided as far as possible. Indication of the Figure Insertion Position in the text should be made after its first mention.

c) Abstract: The author(s) should provide and abstract of 150 to 250 words, Times New Roman font, size 10, space 1, justified.

d) Keywords: The author(s) should provide 3 to 5 keywords

e) Full Text: For the full text use Times New Roman font, size 11, line space 1.5, paper A4, picture orientation and edited in one column. Lines must be numbered in sequence. Margins: superior: 2.0; inferior 2.0; left 3.0 and right 2.0. Tables, graphics and figures must be inserted in the text after the first time they are referred. They must be numbered in crescent order and centralized. Table captions must be written above the tables. They must also be centralized. Graphic and figure captions must be written below. They must also be centralized. All references must be cited in the text, identified by their author(s) and date of publication (se model below).  They must be listed in alphabetical order in the item References.

f) Abbreviations: Must be avoided or kept to a minimum. If used, they must be defined the first time they are mentioned, and must not be used in the title or abstract, unless absolutely necessary.

g) Figures: The printed version of  Geochimica Brasiliensis publishes figures in black and white and shades of grey.

Colored figures may be published as long as the author(s) pay R$ 5000,00 (five hundred reais) per colored page. The author(s) will be informed about the number of colored pages after the design of the accepted manuscript. The payment must be done to the SBGq account. For detailed information, please contact the secretary (

Graphical Illustrations, photos and photomicrography must be numbered in sequence as they are mentioned in the text and will be all considered Figues. They must be separated from the text by one line. Inserts will not be accepted. Outcrop pictures must have scale and indication of North.

Illustration symbols and writings must have adequate dimensions to allow legibility. Figures must be maximum 18 cm width and maximum 25 cm height in order to allow design in two columns. All symbols must be clearly explained. Graphical scale s, if necessary, must be allocated inside the illustration area.


Tables must be self-explaining, with open sides, concise and sequentially numbered. They must be written in Times New Roman, size 9.

h) Equations: They must be numbered sequentially on the right, with arabic figures between brackets.


i) Citations in the text: The following example format must be adopted: ..."Cunha (1985) interpret the feature as an early magmatic cooling structure, but other authors (Lima 1986, Fonseca et al. 1989, Ferreira & Araújo 1994) as a late feature”.

j) Acknowledgments. It must be in a separate pargraph just before the References.

k) References: Internal reports will NOT be accepted as references, except those which are broadly known by the scientific community and with the GB referees authorization. References must be written with Times New Roman font size 10, line space 1. Automatic space miust be used between pargraphs. References must be ordered in alphabetical order of the first author surname, using the following directions:







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Internet Pages:

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Review Articles are published by invitation and must be organized as a common article (see item 2). Their purpose is to communicate progress in a specific field of geochemistry, with the objective of providing a critical account of the state of the art from the point of view of the highly qualified and experienced specialist.


They are published by invitation and must not be larger than one page.




Their main purpose is to convey short communications which deserve quick publication. They must have the same structure of a common article (see Item 2) e maust not have more that 4000 words.



Once accepted the author(s) will receive specific instructions concerning the file sending of files for final version design.

pdf files will not be required at this stage.

The text and tables must be sent as Word files.

Figures muist be sent as tif files. Colored figures must be as cmyk (not rgb) and shades of gray must be in gray-scale.

Figures (colored, black and white and shades of gray) must have minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

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